The Art of Perfume

A “scents” of happiness…
A fragrance, or scent can create an atmosphere that can conjure up a fond memory.

Can you still remember the cologne or perfume that your spouse wore on your first date?

first date
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When you smell warm cookies or that special pie your mom used to make, does it take you back to you childhood?

freshly baked cookies
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Does the scent of freshly washed sheets calm your mind and help your drift away to dreamland?


fresh bed sheets
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Our sense of smell is about 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses, and as such, play a big part in how we think and feel.

Research conducted on our olfactory senses, has concluded that our smell receptors are directly connected to the part of our brain that is thought to be the source of our emotions. When a smell is relayed to our brain, a cognitive recognition occurs, which triggers the emotional “home” in our brains. Essentially, by the time we recognize a smell, an emotional response is already beginning to occur.

Our newest line of home and personal fragrances from Vera Bradley will evoke pleasant emotional responses through our sense of smell. Take, for example, this month’s featured scent, Appleberry Champagne. “Crisp, juicy green apples dangling from tree branches. Bright red strawberries bobbing in glasses of effervescent champagne.” Let the visions of picking apples from the orchard in days past, or the smell from the glass of bubbly on your first romantic getaway take you back in time.

appleberry champagne
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Other feel-good aromas like Cotton Flower, Macaroon Rose and Vanilla Sea Salt are also available to experience in the store. From Eau de Toilette, to body lotion, to candles, Gallows has your olfactory senses and fond memories covered.