Wait, There’s Another Option Besides Custom Framing Your Artwork?

By Corinne Sabel

Yes! Yes there is. Here at Gallows, we have a different option for those who want a more modern look, and want to be able to change out the artwork in their frame often.

How is this possible? Well, with Wallscapes by Wexel.

There are two different options, single panel frames or double panel frames. Single panel frames use magnets to keep the art work in place instead of having to use tape or anything that could potentially damage the piece. The double panel frames hold the artwork in place by pressing the piece between two panels of acrylic. This keeps the artwork safe and secure. Wexel 1The installation process is quick and easy! All you need is a pencil, screwdriver, level, and drill if you are going to install anchors. Click on the video below for a quick tutorial.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Wallscapes by Wexel probably only come in standard sizes… which doesn’t help when I need a custom frame.

Don’t worry! We can still order in custom sizes! Here in the shop we have some standard sizes you can pick up and take home today, but we can always order in a custom size.

Here are just a few of the many great examples for why this might be the best option for you.

  1. To display your child’s art work in a sleek and impressive way, while being able to change it out often as they create more work.     Wexel 2
  2. Displaying your family photos from your recent trips in a collage sort of way. Wexel 3
  3. Do you own a business where you need to display your menu, list of services, or even a map of your property? A Wexel wall display might just be the perfect way to do that. Here at Gallows we are using Wexel frames for display in our Brighton area. They’re great for businesses!   Wexel 4
  4. Displaying your employees corporate headshots should always look professional. Using this framing system, the wallscape will look clean, fresh, and the photos will be easy to switch out often.  Wexel 6

See how modern and fresh this wallscape looks with all of the different shaped wall displays working together to create a master piece on your wall.Wexel 5