Type A Personalities…Unite!

by Sarah Hunter
Some people thrive in chaos. Some people have “artsy” tendencies and the ability to make an eclectic design look amazing. I am neither of those people. I thrive on order and symmetry. Meaning, my first instinct is always to put a pair of candlesticks on either side of a centerpiece; pillows on both ends of a sofa; a large charm centered between two smaller ones.
This is especially true when it comes to building a classic charm bracelet, I stick with my symmetrical nature and build from the center out. It just works. I don’t try to fight it, I just embrace it.
Let’s say we pick a bee for the centerpiece… Then I’ll pick two more large pieces halfway to the left and right (yea symmetry!). In between, I try to get a teensy bit random, but with limits—a pop of color on both sides, a flash of sparkle, and a few ‘signatures’ like an initial, some good-luck charms, or a big, fat diamond. Okay, maybe not a diamond, but you get the idea.

Sometimes it’s OK to be symmetrical, right?

But what if you can’t stand symmetry? Don’t fret, you too can build a beautiful charm bracelet! Joydean’s Trollbead bracelet is a perfect example. Over the years, she’s collected a piece there, and a piece here, and when you do it this way (over time), it’s a bit easier to fall in love with a not-so-symetrical piece of gorgeous jewelry.


We carry two lines of charm and beads, Brighton and Trollbeads, and we have several staff with a great eye for design, both symmetrical and not. Come by and let us help you create a piece of jewelry that fits your style!


Navy Is the New Black

Everything and everyone looks good in navy.  Why? It is more forgiving than black, less harsh and carries with it a subtle whiff of sophistication. Navy stripes look better with any other color, and it’s both classic and sharp at the same time.

CropperCapture[70]Stylish women loving navy blue is not breaking news. Ruth Chapman, CEO of matchesfashion.com believes that navy has become a shorthand for people in fashion. She identifies a moment about five years ago when the color’s image got a reboot. “Denim was a big fashion influence and then the blazer with gold buttons became a thing. Previously, navy blue had an image of being something your mother would have worn, but then it became really right to wear it. It’s flattering for daytime or nighttime…” Chapman’s customers agree. Navy has been the best-selling color at matchesfashion.com for the past 18 months. Indeed, throughout the fashion industry navy blue is seeing a resurgence that indicates its here to stay, and not just the color of week.

Vera Bradley’s scarves and handbags in navy prints allow you to add “pops” of the classic color, which is great if you’re just not sold on wearing it on a larger scale. And if you’re like me (stuck on wearing solid dark colors because its what you’re comfortable in), a scarf and matching handbag instantly update your look!

edited CropperCapture[71]
On the other hand, if you already love a navy sweater paired with khakis, the best way to upgrade your style this season is to accessorize! Brighton’s timelessly styled necklaces add a soft, feminine touch.  Adding a necklace, bangle, and earrings are also a great way to take your navy look from day to night.

CropperCapture[68]And of course, the great thing about accessories like Vera and Brighton is that you don’t have endure the trauma of trying them on in the dressing room. Who doesn’t appreciate that?! Stop in and let us help you incorporate navy into your look, in a way that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful!

Frameless Custom Framing

Frameless custom framing? This has got to be the definition of an oxymoron, right? Well, yes… and no. Let me explain.

These frameless wall displays “float” your art in between two panels of clear acrylic. The result is a clean presentation of your most treasured art. But what really makes these special is the fact that you will only hang it once but can change out the art in a matter of seconds without disassembling the whole thing! To change out the display, you just unscrew the caps that sandwich the panels together. Still not convinced? Let’s look at a few practical real-life uses…wexel wall display
1. As seasons change, so does the flora. Imagine one of these on a kitchen wall…In April, I would place a singular, dried flower that reminds me Spring inside. In the Fall, I would replace the flower with a few brightly colored leaves. It’s a simple, clean, yet bold shot of color.
2. Give your kids’ art the gallery treatment. Can you imagine the smile on your child’s face when they see their latest art project is up on the wall next to your other artwork? Next week when they come home with another drawing or a “gold star” award, you can swap it out in as much time as it would take to slap it on the fridge with a magnet, but waaaaaay cooler. Just ask them. 🙂

3. Scrapbook your wall! I love the idea of scrapbooking, EXCEPT for the fact that your memories are stored inside a book, and books are generally kept closed. Go ahead and create the ultimate scrapbook page(s) for your latest family vacation, and put it somewhere you can see it everyday. And when you get bored with it, put a different “page” up there!
scrapbook float

Beautiful greeting cards, certificates, the possibilities are endless. We have two multipurpose sizes in stock, and we can custom order specific sizes for you. Stop by to see some of the ways we use these in the store, or bring in some of your own artwork and we’ll help you put one together!